A Tree views song on iTunes

'Mulberry Mine' is the song that I wrote as an ode to trees. You can find it on iTunes here.


It is part of the latest album of the Belgian duo Billy & Bloomfish (Pascale Michiels and Kathleen Vandenhoudt) who set my lyrics to music.


These are the full lyrics:



Mulberry Mine




There is an open invitation


Along a path I walk alone


With a little imagination


I have learned to call it home




At first I just saw vegetation


Trunks all crooked and arms spread so wide


Dating back many generations


Living pillars, day and night




Then one morning I heard your whisper


It was as if you called my name


There was no way I could resist you


And I sensed you felt the same




Mulberry mine, oh mulberry mine  


You’ve been there so long, I sing you this song


Mulberry mine, oh mulberry mine,


So strong and sweet, let’s just intertwine 




You show me not one face but many


I judge not, you tell me aloud


You carry a host of antennae


And feel what it’s all about




You smile, you cry, you blossom and fade


You cast your spell and I explore


The myriad riddles you’ve displayed


I’ll be back for even more




When I‘d run, you stay in one spot


When I don’t know, you say it’s fine


When my mind stops you bring a new thought


You are my haven and shrine




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- I stand guard